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files with checksum mismatches don't get re-copied (ever)?


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we are using retrospect 7.7.562


i backup using media verification (so md5 checksums) during backup. and checksum mismatches are detected during backup. running the script again seems to result in the mismatches being recopied but even then there are errors, making me have to run the script multiple times (which is a bad sign).


i have run a manual "Verify Media" on the Backup Set after i managed to correct the mismatches by running the backup script multiple times. it still detected checksum mismatches. this happens after starting from a new backupset with varying but similar amounts of erros and files.


CHKDSK did not find any bad sectors on the Media (6 year old SATA hard disk ) i'm writing to. another IDE hard disk on the same system can run the same Script without problems.


the problem is that retrospect did not try to copy them again after the manually started "Verify Media"

- why doesn't retrospect re-copy files that were detected as mismatches during the manually "Verify Media"?

- how am i supposed to resolve this?

- is my Media going bad?


i suspect the disk needs to be replaced but i just want to make sure it's not something else.



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i was testing these drives on another system. i put the 6 year old sata drive back in the original system and the same task works fine again with 0 verification errors ...so go figure.


must be the other system (never experienced this before)


i still have the question:

- how am i supposed to correct checksum mismatches that are detected by a manually doing "Verification Media" ?

(retrospect does not seem to copy these files when the Backup Script is run again)



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