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Trying to restore, but Retrospect can't seem to do it without hanging! Help!

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Retrospect 9

MacBook Pro 2GHz Intel Core Due

1GB Ram

OSX 10.5.8


Hi all,

I used to run Retrospect 6 on an old Mac Quadra with a DAT drive and 5 clients, and it was never a problem, it just worked.


But 2 years ago, we updated to Retrospect 8 on a MacBook Pro 2GHz Intel Core Due, a Drobo and the same 5 clients, everything still seemed OK. However, as I have now updated Retrospect to v9, its not OK. Backups themselves seem to be working fine, but if I want to restore anything, then I'm in trouble. Retrospect goes so slowly, takes an age to bring up the info I'm looking for and more often than not, falls over all-together (spinning wheel of death).


Has anyone else experienced similar issues, and do you have any pearls of wisdom for me? Is the MacBookPro too old/slow or the OS too old?


Please help me, I'm desperate here!





PS. I hate Retrospect, its enough to drive a man to drink!

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Thanks Maser for your reply. Yes, you are right about the bug. I have been in contact with them about this issue, and amazingly, within the hour, they replayed, acknowledging the problem, and offering me a download for a pre-release version This has worked perfectly, and now Retrospect is behaving as it should.




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