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Duplicate (v. 7.7.562) does not work with Buffalo Linkstation Quad


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I'm quite frustrated with the response I received from Roxio peeps! Anyone who is searching for a solution this problem, here is what I have so far...


I cannot get the Duplicate script to run without an error message stating that my NAS drive does not support extended file attributes! Roxio's response:


"Thank you for contacting Retrospect technical support. Unfortunately duplicating to a NAS drive (which is Linux) from a Windows machine will give errors like the one you're receiving because linux does not, in fact, support extended file attributes. When copying Windows data, you need to use a drive that is formatted to work with the Windows OS (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc)"


My Buffalo LS-QL/R5 Linkstation Quad does not allow me to reformat the drives - they are set as XFS (Linux).


I need some guidance for a solution to use the open file backup features and work with this NAS drive. Anyone? Roxio?

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