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Can't Setup Proactive Script Properly


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We're testing a trial of Retrospect 8 (latest version) to see if it will work. We can't do v.9 as our server is a G5 running Tiger, so it's v.8 or nothing.


I've got a basic backup going for our server and 1 client for the last week or so. Took FOREVER, but it does seem to work. Our backups run at night after we're gone, so I don't care how long they take once the initial backup is done.


But I tried to setup a Proactive backup for one of our laptop users, and I can't seem to get the proper Sources to stick. I set it up manually from scratch (not copying another one), but it auto-selects all of the sources from our main backup. When I try to deselect these sources (which takes many minutes due to how insanely slow it is), if I can actually get my source selected (which is a tag I created for the laptop folders), it won't stick. The other sources automatically add themselves back on and the one I want is disabled.


- Is this a known bug for which I might be out of luck? Or might there be some sort of workaround?


The sluggishness makes it very challenging to actually work with, but I'm trying to just be patient and click a couple buttons then do some other work while I wait for it to catch up.


Any ideas???

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