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Upgrading and changing from AIT to blu-ray

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We have been using Retrospect 6.5 OEM on a Windows 2000 server for a number of years. We have an archive library of 28 AIT tapes, but are looking to get away from tape archive and go to blu-ray? Why? We think it's easier than and less expensive than HD archiving because it allows for redundancy and to store items offsite in addition to having a copy onsite.


The plan is to upgrade to the newest version of Retrospect for Windows 2003 server (our existing server) and buy 2 2TB externals. Then we will extract all AIT data using the old version of Retrospect on our old server onto the externals and rewrite to a new archive on the new Retrospect on blu-ray disc. This will update our library and transfer all data from AIT tape to blu-ray. Then, once all data has been extracted and rewritten we will make 2 additional copies. The AIT tapes and one copy of blu-ray will go into a safety deposit box (off site). One copy of blu-rays will go into our fireproof safe here, and the third set will be used to pull data from when needed locally. The 2 2TB drives will then be blanked after confirmation, and one will be used for nightly backups. After a week, it will be taken offsite for safekeeping and the second will take its place. These will swap weekly, so we would never lose more than a week's worth in a disaster.


Have been unable to find a list of Windows 2003 server Retrospect supported blu-rays. Anyone know which ones will give me the least issue?


In regards to my archive plan, is there a better way? I have not had good luck with HDs, so I am not quick to trust them for permanent archiving, and from what I have read, it sounds like AIT tape will be going away soon.

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