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Problems with the client in Leopard – FIXED!

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Agent Response: Did you install the version 9 client?

If so then I would try this, run the uninstall script that came with the client download, then go to /Library/Preferences and delete the retroclient.state file, then re-install the client and see if you have the same problem.


...solves the problem, thank you Andrew!




I have installed retrospect single server 9 on an iMac with Leopard 10.5.8. Clients have been installed on a couple of mac mini´s running Lion, one iMac running Snow Leopard and one G4 running Tiger, everything went smoothly.


I also installed the client on three computers that is running Leopard 10.5.8 and that didnt went that well (at least not after the installation)...all three clients is impossible to "turn on" when trying to configure them? When turning the client on nothing happens...?


All three was used with Retrospect 6.1 and therefore had old clients installed but they were removed using AppCleaner.


Does anybody have a clue about this, would be most grateful for all kind of ideas!





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I'm having the same problem. I've been a RetroSpect user for a long time, and have a huge sysem at our studios with a multiple robotic tape drive system. I can't install the v9 client on my Core2 Duo MBPro with OS 10.6.8. I followed the instructions above and nothing changed. I can get 6.3.029 installed and running, but I should be able to install on this machine.


I do understand that 6.3.029 MUST be installed on my PPC G5, and it runs fine. I also have a problem with a MacBook, also Core2 Duo with 10.6.8. The v9 client will install , but I can't do anything with it. I CAN NOT install 6.3.029 on this machine, either. It will only take v9.



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