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Client For Windows 7.7 Email Notification?

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I recently discovered that a Retrospect Client machine had not been backed up for more than a week. It runs on a File Server that may not need attention for weeks at a time.


The notice appeared on the desktop of the client machine, as a notice that an application was trying to send me a message. When I opened the message, I found out that the backup had not run in more than a week.


Is there any way to make this an email notification? It's rather useless, as is, in this situation.


I know the Retrospect Server sends out backup failure notices for jobs, but, in this case, I had neglected to create a schedule after changing the medium, so the Server did not consider that an error.


If you are going to provide a "notify if not backed up in x days" preference, e-mail seems like the way to go.

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