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Trouble with retrospect 6.5 server and mac client

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Hi, i use retrospect 6.5 for windows and have 25 mac clients, i made a backup of G4 (with S.O MacOsX 10.2.4 upgrade to 10.2.8) when i apply restore entire volume option to another G4 have some problems, my G4 doesn't star and i don't know why?, the log doesn't show any message.

i made test in two laboratories, in the first i made a backup of MacOsX 10.2.8 (in the same partition was installed Mac9) and erase the SO on the same G4, with BootCD make a cd boot for MacOsX with it run retrospect and make the restore, it was so great.

in the second laboratory the G4 has 2 partition, in the first is MacOsX 10.2.8 in the second Mac9, i did the same steps and have different results: when i restarted the G4 it did not load, it stops when shows the apple icon, and other G4 stops shows the SO and I cant move the mouse.

if somebody has any idea, i would like to know it!, thanks.


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