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Retro9 Client On 10.6.x Clients Still Doesn't Remove Retrocleint.state


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FWIW- I am thrilled to see that Retrospect has formed a new company and may return to its greatness after languishing under various owners and the weight of far to much false promises from EMC and Roxio.


Having said that, the new 9.0 client installers do not check for the retroclient.state file (/Library/preferences) on 10.6.x Intel OR PPC boxes and the little script - which is a great idea- does nothing to kill this file off either.


Without that step, your Shiny new Retro client 9.0.0(319) just sits there in the off position and nothing can turn it on. Kill the state file and she'll immediately get to work.


Given the long standing issues this file has caused, it still feels a little like beta testing on the public. Lets hope someone can tweak the "remove" script to delete this file and burp out an update ASAP. Frankly- I'd put it in the installer, there's nothing in there we need and its stupid to see your software stuck, by its own pref file.


My $.02

Happy Turkey



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