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Retro 900319 Client Vs Retro 63029 Client

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Spent my Saturday setting up Retrospect 9 in a very large design and production environment. Initial app performance seems better but still a bit 'sticky' at times. Overall the UI is much faster for most tasks. I like the features of the new Retro 9 client but I'm not digging the performance. Where with Retro 8 and the latest v6 client, i was getting between 3GBs and 4GBs per minute over the network to some massive RAID 6 arrays. With Retro 9 and the 9 client, I'm getting between 160MBs and 250MBs per minutes.


A wee-bit slower...hmmmmm....


I'll continue to monitor over Sunday but will fall back to the v6 client for performance testing by later afternoon if needed.


I'll report my findings here.


All the best to all involved as we forge ahead (or not) with Retrospect 9.



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