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Backupbouncer Test Results


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Below are the results of my tests using Backupbouncer (http://www.n8gray.org/code/backup-bouncer/) after backing up and then restoring with Retrospect 9.0.0. Retrospect was running on a 10.7.2 machine and the backup source was running 10.6.8 server. I'd be interested to see the results from other tests to see if they are the same as I'm getting.


:backup-bouncer-0.2.0 ladmin$ sudo ./bbouncer verify -d /Volumes/Src /Volumes/Dst


Verifying: basic-permissions ... ok (Critical)

Verifying: timestamps ... ok (Critical)

Verifying: symlinks ... ok (Critical)

Verifying: symlink-ownership ... FAIL

Verifying: hardlinks ... ok (Important)

Verifying: resource-forks ...

Sub-test: on files ... ok (Critical)

Sub-test: on hardlinked files ... ok (Important)

Verifying: finder-flags ... ok (Critical)

Verifying: finder-locks ... ok

Verifying: creation-date ... ok

Verifying: bsd-flags ... FAIL

Verifying: extended-attrs ...

Sub-test: on files ... ok (Important)

Sub-test: on directories ... ok (Important)

Sub-test: on symlinks ... FAIL

Verifying: access-control-lists ...

Sub-test: on files ... ok (Important)

Sub-test: on dirs ... ok (Important)

Verifying: fifo ... FAIL

Verifying: devices ... FAIL

Verifying: combo-tests ...

Sub-test: xattrs + rsrc forks ... ok

Sub-test: lots of metadata ... ok

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This is actually a bit better than my test on Retrospect 8 (I haven't tried it with 9 yet). The "lots of metadata" test failed for me when I ran Backup Bouncer a while back. I looked into these failures at the time and decided that none of them really mattered all that much. Backup Bouncer is a tough test and Retrospect does about as well as most other backup software, and better than some.


What version of Backup Bouncer did you use? There are several out there. The most comprehensive one seems to be the one on Mike Bombich's Carbon Copy Cloner web site at http://www.bombich.com/groups/ccc/wiki/7ba51/Improvements_to_Backup_Bouncer.html, but I don't think it will work on Lion yet. You might need to merge it with the version on GitHub.

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