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Hi there folks.


I have a Retrospect 7.7 running on a Windows 2008 r2 server and I have 5 RDX tapes creating 5 backup sets, one for Monday, Tuesday..Friday.


I have 5 scripts, one for each day of the week, each doing a recycle backup so that I backup all the data on the server 5 times a week, the theory being that it then recycles the media.


My frustration is that when it comes back to Monday, the Monday media is inserted (labelled 1-Monday) and the job starts, however, will not automtically start backing up to disk after it has counted up the files to backup. It asks me to confirm the media and waits indefinately for me to click proceed. I was under the impression that either a blank media or a media with the correct name (in this case 1-Monday) would automatically be overwritten??


Surely it must be possible to automate the backup so that it can happen over night without any intervention required? I must have missed something... Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


On another note, when I close Retrospect, 9/10 times, i get an error and it asks me if I want to send a log after it asks to check the correct media is inserted for the scheduled backup. I should have made a note of the error, will post it later (as backup is now running and I don't want to cancel it).


Thanks in advance :)



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