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Date Header Wrong On Email Messages

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One minor bug that hasn't been fixed in version 9 is that the "Date:" header on EMail messages generated by Retrospect is wrong, at least if daylight savings time is on. I'm in the US Eastern time zone which means that (for a few more hours) my time is UTC -4. A message Retrospect sent around 10:46 this evening has a date header reading


Date: Fri, 05 Nov 11 22:46:41 -0500

Since my EMail client is set to adjust displayed times to my time zone this shows up as 11:46:41 PM, which was still in the future when I started entering this. This is obviously not a serious bug, but it is annoying and might be easy to fix. How do I report it so it gets added to the bug tracker?


I'm running version, but this bug has been there since version 8.

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