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Error 1102 On Mac Clients

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There are two Mac 6.3.029 clients on my 7.7.341 server that die after copying a few hundred MB when running a Proactive backup. A manual backup works fine.


- 9/28/2011 12:44:36 PM: Copying Users on MAC1

Can't save Snapshot tree, error -1102 ( drive missing/unavailable)

9/28/2011 12:48:03 PM: Execution incomplete

Completed: 5 files, 25.3 MB

Performance: 151.7 MB/minute

Duration: 00:02:45 (00:02:36 idle/loading/preparing)


The Proactive backup will start again in about 30 minutes and do the same thing. There are at least 10 other Macs on this server that run fine.


I have done the following to attempt to resolve:


1. Forgot and recreated both the client and backup sets.

2. Moved one of the clients to another server.

3. Uninstalled and reinstalled the client on both machines.


Any ideas why this happens?

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Not familiar with this problem, but here are the first questions that spring to mind:


Are the users logged in or logged out? Does logging a user in/out before the backup starts make a difference?


Do any of the Mac's Energy Saver features (e.g. hard disks powering down) kick in while a backup takes place?


Do the problems only occur in Proactive mode, or in standard scripts or manual immediate backups as well?


Are the other Macs (that do work okay) all running 10.6 as well, or a different OS version?

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After I posted, I moved both clients to another server and only did proactive backups. They both work. (Normally when I setup a computer, I will do an immediate backup to make sure it all works and then setup Proactive.)


The problem may be with the my server. I just received a "Delayed Write Failed" error message. I checked the logs and I have been having hard drive issues on the server (it is a VM).


In response to the questions:


This definitely happened while they were logged in. Don't know about logged out.


Not sure about power save features.


Problems only occurred in Proactive mode.


Not sure about OSX versions on that particular server. I know we have 10.6 running on other servers with the same configuration.


Thanks for your input!

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No problem!


My questions related to a problem often discussed on the old Retrospect forum: people having difficulties backing up OSX 10.6 clients when users were logged out. But that's obviously not the issue in your case, if the problem occurs even when they are logged in.


Glad to hear they work okay on your other server.

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