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Bar Code On Tape And In Media Set Not Matching


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A tape in one of my backup sets isn't showing up right. When loaded in the autoloader it shows up with the right bar code and matches the sticker on the tape, but when loaded into the actual drive it shows a different bar code. This is kind of a hassle because it's a member of a backup set and has data on it, so when it is loaded in the drive you see "10-media set [wrong bar code]" and when sitting in the auto loader it shows "[correct bar code] Untitled (erased)"


Is there any way to fix this? I remember in Retrospect 6 there was an option buried somewhere for zonking the bar code data.


The loader is a Quantum Superloader 3 SCSI with HP LTO 4 drive, and it's attached to an XServe running server 10.5.8 and Retrospect 8.2. The drive and loader firmware are both current.

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No solution here, just adding a "me too" comment and observation.


Reporting the same occurrence (on occasion) with a similar set-up.

Quantum Scalar i40 Library (Fibre Channel), HP HH Ultrium LTO4 Drive, Retrospect 8.2.0(399) Multi-Server, xServe 2.26.GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Mac OS 10.5.8 Server, 12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3, ATTO Celerity FC-42ES Host Adapter Card.


Library and Drive firmware updates current, ATTO Celerity firmware current, all xServer updates current, using Tri-Optics production bar code labels on new Quantum Ultrium 4 Data Cartridges.

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...when it is loaded in the drive you see "10-media set [wrong bar code]" and when sitting in the auto loader it shows "[correct bar code] Untitled (erased)"

Please clarify. It sounds like you're saying that Retrospect is reporting two things incorrectly: the bar code number and the media set member. Is this what you mean?


If so, is that "wrong bar code" actually the correct code for member "10-media set?"


When you experience this condition, what happens if you stop and restart the Retrospect Engine, which should force it to rescan the tape drive? Does it still report that the wrong tape is in the drive?

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To clarify: The barcode that is really on the tape is BHT440L1 and when the tape is inserted into library slot 2 for example it shows up as:



2: BHT440L1 Untitled....(Erased) -


When pulled into the tape drive it shows up as:



10-Design Set B...-..........BHU525L1


To further confuse matters, according to the media set members lists, BHU525L1 simultaneously belongs to 10-Design Set B and 11-Design Set A, so I won't be able to get away with my workaround idea of printing a new label with the "correct" bar code.


Stopping and starting didn't fix it, neither did re-scanning the tape.

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