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I need to rebuild a backup set from several years ago. Problem is have a new back up set that is named the same "D".


While Retrospect seems to want to let me restore the old set--it seems like I will have to destroy the new "D" whih is not an option.


Any ideas for a "workaround"?

Understandably, in the name of data protection, Retrospect isn't willing to allow you to have two backup sets with the same name.


Here's what I might do:

  1. With Retrospect not running, drag the folder "Retrospect" from /Library/Preferences to the Desktop. (Note that this is not from /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences.)
  2. Relaunch Retrospect. You'll need to re-enter your license code.
  3. Rebuild the catalog of your old "D." (Obviously you need to store this new catalog somewhere other than where your current "D" catalog is located.)
  4. Create a new backup set with a different name--say, "Old D." For convenience, you may want to store the "Old D" catalog in the same folder as your current Retrospect catalogs.
  5. Use the Tools>Copy function to copy everything from the rebuilt "D" to "Old D."
  6. Quit Retrospect and trash the rebuilt "D" catalog and the newer /Library/Preferences/Retrospect folder.
  7. Move the old Retrospect folder from the Desktop back to /Library/Preferences.
  8. Double-click on the "Old D" catalog. This will simultaneously launch Retrospect and tell it about the existence of backup set "Old D."

In the future, I'd recommend using a different name for each backup set. Hope this helps.

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