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Are My Backups Reliable? Past Backups: Clarification Needed

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I'm a long time user of Retrospect and while I like the new interface, I'm confused about some of the details and worried that my backups may not be reliable. I going to start doing full restores and performing file byte comparisons, but am hoping for some clarification in the meantime since I can't find the answers in the documentation, knowledge base or forums.


Specifically, I'm looking at "Past Backups" and on this I see each client with a "Files Copied" number. I started a fresh backup script/media set and am seeing a mismatch in the number of files copied and the number actually in the media set. For example, one client was backed-up for the first time yesterday. It shows that 11 files were copied, but when I click the "Browse" button, there are MANY more files shown, however, only some of them have the green checkmark icon next to them. The log for that particular client reports over 590526 files copied.


In addition, I have two NAS shares that were also backed-up, but the past backup panel states 0 Files Copied! When I click the browse button or look at the log files however, it reports that there are files in the backup--though none of them have the green checkmark icon next to them.


I performed a few spot-check restores of files with and without the green checkmark icon and everything seems fine. So my questions are:


  1. Does the "Past Backups" only show the files copied for the most recent activity?
  2. What the heck does the green checkmark icon mean? And ...
  3. Why is the green checkmark icon only next to a small minority of files in my media set?


Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Edit: To answer my own questions, it appears that the past backup only shows the last executed backup and the green icons represent the files that were actually acted on during that particular execution. Clicking the "Retrieve" button appears to show me all the past backups and select one, but it then breaks the Past Backups browse button reporting "Backup Unavailable" Grr. Quitting and restarting fixes the browse button and the other backup I retrieved now shows up.

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