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Duplication Problems

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Many years ago I purchased a Maxtor One Touch External USB drive for performing PC backups. Although the hardware developed a fault I have been using the excellent Retrospect 6.0 Express software for several years to flawlessly perform selective duplication backups but have a couple of questions


1) Creating duplicates after the spring & autumn time changes (i.e. 1 hour forward or back from standard to summer time) always requires complete volume deletion & a recopy. Although this adds considerably to the backup time it is not a massive inconvenience however I am curious to know why this occurs & if there is any action I can take to avoid this.


2) I have recently purchased a NAS device (Buffalo Linkstation CHL500) & have persistently had problems duplicating a number of files (around 50 totalling 1.6 Gb) to it from a local internal drive. In windows explorer the files appear identical, however the Retrospect Log suggests a 2 second difference in the creation dates as the cause of re-duplication. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I carry out the duplication using Retrospect, the same files are always recopied & the log always shows the same two second difference. Duplicating the same files on again from the NAS to an external USB drive can be carried out with the same problem. Any Ideas ?

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