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For two months now I have no longer been unable to connect from Retrospect Version 8.2.0 (399) on my 2009 Mac Pro to Retrospect Client 6.0.029 on a 2006 Power Mac G5. Unhappily, the purchased download of Retrospect 8 and its clients were deleted by mistake. Re-downloading and re-installing the client does not work: when I try to connect to the client from Retrospect, I get the message wrong "client found at that address".


Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Guest Steve Maser

How are you trying to "connect to the client" from the Retrospect engine machine? By hostname/IP? Is there a possibility that a machine already in your Sources list is configured with the same IP address as the G5 you are trying to "connect"?

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Re-downloading and re-installing the client does not work

Did you uninstall the client before reinstalling?


You have a pretty old client version on that machine. I would try using the 6.0.110 installer software (available here) to uninstall the client, and then use the current 6.3.029 installer to install the latest client software.


Then go to Sources in the Retrospect console, remove the old listing for that client machine, and try re-adding it.

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