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Unable To Set Two Recurring Schedules

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Trying to set up two recurring schedules for a source to a media set.


The first schedule is set to:

MTWT starting at 6 pm and ending at 6 am.


The second schedule is set to;

F starting at 6 pm and ending when done


The schedules look correct when I am on that script.

When I click off the script, select another one, then select the first script,


The ending times of the schedules have changed.


Suddenly, the ending at 6 am changes to ending when done.


Or the ending when done has changed to ending at 12 pm.


I've tried different combos of clicking on different fields after setting the ending when done, or selecting other fields to try and get those schedules to stick, but haven't had any luck.


Anyone have any tricks or tips with this problem?

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