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What Is A Reasonalbe Transfer Speed?

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I am doing a "disk" recycle backup from a Retrospect client local disk to the Retrospect server and getting around 800 MB/minute. In Retrospect, compression and verification are off. The Retrospect server is using a local disk as the backup media. This is a fairly new set-up with new SATA drives and a 1 Gb network. For what it is worth the Retrospect client is on a Win7 box, and the Retrospect Server in on WinXP box. Both have the latest updates from Microsoft and latest vender drivers.


Using the same hardware and copying the same directory as was used in the example above to the same Retrospect "media" drive using Windows explorer, I will see over 4000 MB/minute. Shouldn't I see speeds from Retrospect that come close to Win7 copies, or is Retrospect doing some behind the scenes error checking that Microsoft is not? I am backing up numerous large files, and the slow transfer speeds from Retrospect are starting to become an issue.


Thanks for you help,


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