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RetroExpress.exe generates exception on Windows login


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I was wondering if anybody has run into a problem where Retrospect Express HD has generated an error during windows login. Here are the specifics of the problem. The system is a dell latitude laptop with one of the Maxtor one touch backup systems.


The user's machine is running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. The system is up to date on Microsoft critical patches. Prior to a few days ago Retrospect was running without problems. Now the user complains that she gets the following error logging onto Windows




Application has generated an exception that could not be handled


Process id = XXXXX (YYYY) thread id = XXXXX (YYYYY)


Where XXXXX and YYYY seem to vary from reboot to reboot


I have seen process id errors 3432, 3768 and 2984 always pointing to RetroExpress.exe and always with the accompanying message that the Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.



I have attempted removing and reinstalling the Retrospect Express HD application from the machine without any luck. I have also removed the product through Windows uninstall and then went into the registry via Regedit and removed all references to Maxtor and Retrospect., Rebooted the system and attempted a reinstall of the product.


Again no luck after clearing the registry and reinstalling the product. Still get the RetroExpress.exe application exception errors.


Has anybody run into this and been sucessful in fixing the problem? if, so I would be greatful if you could tell me what you did to fix this problem.





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