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Retrospect 7.0.x Proactive backup problem


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I am using Retrospect 7.0.326 which performs proactive backup of windows clients. I have set up each client with multiple volumes (eg. desktop, my documents, favorites etc.) that get backed up only when client user selects the time. Whenever that happens, only ONE volume gets backed up rather than all the volumes in the backup set. The next time (which might be the next time the client chooses to backup), it backs up another volume. This is a big problem for us since instead of backing up the all the volumes in a client's machine, its only backing up one volume. Could someone help me with this problem ? I re-added the clients and rebuilt the volumes etc. But it still happens.


Server OS: Windows server 2003

Retrospect Version: 7.0.326

Backup Media: Internal hard disk

Clilent OS : Windows XP Pro (SP2)


Thanks !

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