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Missing back-up files/sets / Retrospect can't see my backup sets


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Some of my backup sets are missing.


I'm using Retrospect Express 6.5.342 with a 250GB Acommdata USB hard drive.

Our computers "were" running under Win XP.


We recently had all 6 of our computers stolen, but luckily they did not take the backup drive. After replacing the computers I started restoring the backups...


Unfortunately, 1 of the computer's backup is missing (and it's mine, can you beleive it?) and some of the others are missing the most recent backups!?! I was personnally doing the backups for all the computers and I certainly did not forget mine. I was doing incremental backups and they all took more than 10 minutes (typically, only some text files changed) and no error was reported.


I looked with Windows explorer and I still can't see the missing backup set for my computer. Disk usage reports 95.8GB used, and talliying all the files total ends up at ~95.4GB. A difference of ~ 400MB. Could it be my missing backup?


Anybody has had a similar issue or did I just do something wrong?








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