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Frame Around GUI Blackout Issue.


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Hello EMC².


After having searched this forum (relevant string), and others , I still can't seem to correct the black border surounding all the windows in the RetroExpress v1.1.127.0 GUI. Also, the buttons will only appear after hovering over each window with my pointer:




I have un/reinstalled the software a couple of times, and tried opening under admin and safe. After having updated to the above version from the original Maxtor oem bundle, everthing was looking good for about a month, then !!?!?. Also:


* GPU = Radeon 9250-250MB (obviosly not a gamer); driver current.

* Disabled second monitor & re-booted.

* All scans come up clean.

* No major changes to system.

* Minimizing & Maxing the windows makes the whole interface freak out.


I'm running an HP m270n; XP Pro w/SP2 & all MS "critical" updates installed; 1GB Ram; 200GB Maxtor internal & 250GB external Maxtor OneTouchII (USB & Firewire) HD's; 19" LG 1980U "UltraSlim" (#1) & 15" HP f1503 (#2) monitors. Also running under .NET 2.0 framework.


Hope this is enough info & someone might be able to help out. Either way...


Thank you.




Edit: No issues with any other installed apps (at least for now).

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