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Maxtor Disk has 2x more memory used than my C: drive


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I purchased a Maxtor 1-touch II (USB 2.0, w/100G ext. hard drive) late last year w/the Retrospect Express HD software. The 1st backup last December, with a total of 13.2G, looked about right, based mostly on 21, 614,408KB files. I don’t recall the installation, but I assume I accepted the default Progressive option. I believe I chose to backup 3 times/week until recently. I recently checked the Maxtor file & was surprised to find 47.8G there vs. my C: drive, which had only 19.3G. A typical backup session since my startup would have one large file, say 300,000Kb, one around 75,000Kb and two smaller ones of 12Kb & 28Kb. Or a total of around 400,000Kb. Occasionally, a maximum file of 614,408Kb would show up. A couple of days ago, I updated the software to v. 1.1.127, which apparently installed OK.

What do I have? Do I have the Progressive setup, where only new material is backed up each time. Should I have this-if so, how do I set it up? Do I really have a problem?

Thank you

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