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HD Backup....Updating....


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Was hoping that you could help me correct my problem.


I have a Maxtor One Touch II, 200GB external harddrive.


My previous laptop (Tosshiba) crashed and I have tried several times to load the Installation software on my new Gateway (XP Media Center) AMB Turion64 processor.


These are the steps I have taken to install your software for the Maxtor 200 GB drive.


1) I have installed all the software as per installation CD on my It installed Retrospect Express HD 9/04 P/N 20259501. According to Add/Delete programs, it installed HD 1.0 1.00.196 and HD1.1 1.01.127


2) I then connect the drive to my laptop (as per installations instruction).


3) Setup the OneTough feature.

I press the button in from off the drive. Nothing happens.

I run Retrospect Express HD and then press Setup. and it hang-up on "Updating".


4) I have then removed the software using Add/Remove, powered off & disconnected Maxtor from the laptop, gone and downloaded and installed Express_HD_EN_1_1_127.exe. Restarted my computer replugged in the Maxtor drive powered it up and follwed Step 3 above with the very same hang-up on "Updating".



The drive is visible and accessible through My Computer and windows explorer. I can save and retrieve files saved on it.


There are backup files from as far back as 10/2005 on the drive and Retrospect says there are "Restorepoints" (Folder: Retrospect Restore Points)


The Properties show there to be 65 GB Free Space.


Thank you for reading this and for your help.

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