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Errors after Repairing Tape Autoloader

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A month ago, our Quantum Superloader needed to be sent off for repairs. We did not have backups for two weeks and when we resumed backups the errors keep coming. Mostly sharing violations. We used all the same tapes and all that same scripts that we were using before our unit failed, but it still keeps getting errors. Retrospect also "loses" the tapes to the backup set each week (we swap out a 5 tape magazine once a week with a Recycle backup running on Fridays) and I have even rebuilt that catalogs and the tapes still show up as not part of a backup set. After a month of dealing with this, I'm about to give up. The the imporatant data is getting backed up, but I have to scan the logs every morning to make sure the error emails are nothing more than just stupid sharing violations and file mismatches.


We are running Retrospect 7.0.344 with update version All clients are the latest versions. Backiing up OSX and WinXPPro clients.


Here are a few samples of the errors:


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