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For those with Atto UL2D/UL3D SCSI Adapter

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I had a call with technical support because my Atto UL2D with fully updated firmware on a fully supported platform was not working correctly in Mac OS X with Retrospect 5.205. If you are going from VHDCI to 68pin wide you may encounter problems. The problems I had were with the Sony SDX-500C. I was able to control the device for about the first 700k,and then it would hang. Instead of connecting your drive to the external VHDCI connectors.... open your case and use the internal scsi connectors and a cable with 68pin wide at each end. This eliminates the VHDCI conversion. This may help some people. I was told this was not an decent solution, and that they will work on finding a better one for me. In the mean time this works acceptablly, except I have to keep my case open all the time. I'm sure I could buy an adapter to make the internal connector external by filling in one of the PCI card holes, but for now everything works and it's sufficient. I hope this helps anybody with these cards or even a combination of this hardware.





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