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why upgrade Retrospect Express HD from 1.0.196 to 1.1.127?


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The EMC Knowledge Base for Retrospect Express HD says that version 1.1 was released to support Microsoft .net 2.0.


I am not running Microsoft .net 2.0. So is there any other reason for me to upgrade from 1.0.196 to 1.1.127?


I would normally just do the upgrade to get the latest version, but I see from this forum that doing this upgrade seems to cause license problems that then require technical assistance (new config file), so I'd like to avoid this if there's no reason for me to do the upgrade.



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I'd sure appreciate some help! I am trying to get my Retrospect to work on my totally up-to-date Win XP Tablet using a Maxtor One Touch II. The software came with it in 2005.

I'm going thru a total rebuild of my system after a hard drive crash on my Motion LE1600 Tablet. Luckily I had a note that I'd stuck in with the CD telling me to that version 1.1 was released to support Microsoft .net 2.0.
I'm pretty sure that I am running Microsoft .net 2.0 as I've seen that come across on my Microsoft Updates recently. Actually, I don't really even know how to determine that. ;-)

I'm pretty sure that my Retrospect Express is v 1.0 and that somewhere along the line I'd bought v2.5 which the license code is written on my CD's pack.

Can I have some help getting the OneTouch button to run Retrospect again? My preference at this point is actually to wipe the Maxtor D: drive clean as I don't want what is on there. I just want to make a clean start.

If I go to the Retrospect Express HD program, the little Loading Retrospect HD Expresss, when it finally loads after a delay, it says: 

Updating Status . . . 

0 Restore Points Available

If I click on the Setup button, NOTHING ever happens.

But I can explore the device in some other My Computer way and I see files and backups on it. I'm just OK with wiping them out since I'm all back to where I was already due to my tablet also being synced to our Dell desktop pc using Syncback SE

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