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Express HD stopped working


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I have been using Retrospect Express HD (REHD) for one year. Software came with Maxtor One-Touch external HD. Its been great - until July 2006. Sometime in July, I could see the software updating itself on the internet because Norton Firewall kept alerting me. Soon after that, REHD stopped working. I used the CD "repair" option to partially re-install REHD. Now it loads, but no restore points show.


Here are the log file messages:


HSvcRestoreReg: FindFirstFileW(rdregrst.ini) failed 2

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDComRegBk\RtrComRg.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDRSMBk\RtrRsm.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDIISMetBk\RtrIISM.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDWMIBk\RtrWMI.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDActDirBk\RtrActDr.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDCertSvBk\RtrCertS.ini) failed 3

No work to do, quitting...


The "about" shows my product as Retrospect Express HD for Windows version 1.0.196 .


Can someone tell me how to get back my restore points?



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