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Drive Rotation


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Hello -



I'm running 7.0 Professional for my home business, and I've been using a single Maxtor 300GB External Drive with great success.


I just purchased a second Maxtor 300 GB External Drive, and I'd like to rotate one of these drives to an offsite location about everything 30-40 days.


I've skimmed through the on-line manual, and while I admit I haven't read the entire 380+ pages, I still don't see any like scenerios outlined.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of configuration I should do to easily rotate these two drives? I'd like to use the current schedule, backup set configuration, etc. without having to start over each month.


Thank you -

Matt Dierksheide

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One possibility is to set up one script with two backup sets - one backup set for each external drive.

If you setup the script to run automatically, each time you rotate the drives, you'd need to change which backup set is used. If you set the script to run manually, then you'd just choose which backup set to run each time.



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