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DR tied to specific snapshot in 7.5?


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Just upgraded to 7.5 [build 285]. In testing DR, I'm finding I can only access the latest snapshot on the specfic backup set used in building the DR CD. [Each of my backup sets have more than one snapshot and there are three different backup sets]


If I try to access a different snapshot in a file backup, I get an error message that the device is currently busy.

If I try to access a different backup set in a DVD backup, Retro doesn't recognize the device/media - get Incorrect function error.


Is this the way it's supposed to work in 7.5? Previously, I could point to any snapshot in any backup set.


Just to confirm, if I reinstall Windows, install Retro 7.5, then I can access all snapshots in all backup sets.



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I created a DR CD pointing to the DVD backup set.


After booting into the DR CD, it did give me the option of using a different snapshot on the DVD. But, would not allow me to search for backup sets on my second [internal, not USB], hard drive. I.e, I could only work with backup sets on DVD's.


That said, once I did try to use a different snapshot on the DVD [actually, there is only one snapshot on it], it would fail at proceeding once a different snapshot was not selected. Right, as unbelieveable as it sounds, I asked Retro to add another snapshot. There wasn't one, I cancelled, then Retro went into a loop. I would select the existing snapshot to restore, click next, I would get a screen that showed no snapshot. I would click Add, choose the snapshot, click next. Back to the screen with no snapshot. I'm going for a refund

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