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Retrospect and Quantum DLT1 (-102 trouble comm.) driving me nutzzzzzzzzzz!!!

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Running Retrospect 7.0.326.

I have an internal Quantum DLT1 drive that has been installed in 2 different HP LC 2000R servers running W2K Server (latest packs/updates). In the first server I utilized the built in SCSI. On the second server I used the built in SCSI then purcased a Adaptec 29160 and hooked it up to that (only device). The drive has been replaced 3 times. I have replaced the cables and terminator with the ones from Adaptec. I have replaced my media 4 times utilizing different brands each time (currenly using Quantum's brand). The firmware and driver is the most current. The drive passes all the tests performed by the utility Quantum puts out.

Performed short and long erase on the tapes. I have disabled/enabled the drive in the hardware manager.


When backing up everything looks to be working fine. The files backup then verify with anticipated errors.

The first problem is that Retrospect never seems to know when we are at the end of a tape and need to append to a new one. I get -102 "trouble communicating" then when I click OK on that error I get "please insert new tape it will be called 2-xxxx". It then seems to continue the backup schedule.


The second and bigger problem is when I ever attempt to retrieve a file Retrospect chews on the drive for 10min then kicks the -102 "trouble communicating" error. I never get my files.


Everywhere I have looked or people I have talked to say that "it sounds like a HW issue".

I am past that... something else is going on that I can't diagnose. The only thing that has stayed constant in the setup is Retrospect, W2K Server and the server model HP LC2000r. And I haven't found anything anywhere even whispering that the LC could be at issue.


I have 0% confidence of a complete backup!


Please.........any help out there????????? frown.gif

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