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disaster recovery CD (7.5 MULTI), No Network Card Drivers!!!, How agent will work!!!

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i made a test of disaster recovery on a notebook HP compaq nx6120

everything work fine after the temporary windows was installed


no network card was detected, so i refered to the "Drivers" folder on the disaster recovery cd,

not all files were there, so with other cd belongs to the notebook, i restore the original drivers of

a broadcom network card.


is obvious that in a disaster recovery procedure maybe, the ones who made the process

does not have this cd. imagine (remote location of the notebook, no internet, no restores drivers originals cds,) so imposible restore all data.




when the backup complete volume is made, pay atention in all the files of the network card, and especial this folder of drivers, must be included or mixed in the i386 folder to be part of the initial

process of installing temporary windows xp, then the retrospect client make sense starting after booting

to continue processs.


(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ON BRAND NEW MACHINES) maybe the hard disk drivers technology must be too included like SATA, SCSI, RAID CARDS drivers)

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