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Optional added error correction to backups

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Sometimes, I have to find unknown/untested media for DVD backups. One feature I'd like to see on DVD or CD sets would be the option for variable added error recovery records, similar to what some file archivers offer.


Both WinRAR and WinAce offer the ability to add to an archive added data just for repairing in case the archive is damaged. WinRAR can do up to 10% (more if specified on the command line), and I'm not sure how much WinAce does, percentagewise.


Due to figuring out capacity on media, this option may need to be only available at set creation time (similar to how encryption/security is specified), or it may be able to be specified during a backup, copy, or set transfer.


This, plus perhaps the option to create a "recovery volume" which is a CD, DVD, or tape, which can be used in place of a damaged or missing media set would help immensely should a piece of media go bad.

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