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help: Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card problems....

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Mac G3 (Blue & white) ; G4 (without AGP); G4 (with AGP)


Adaptec 2940UW (Ultra-Wide) SCSI card, firmware updated


Retro 4.3 using backup server


Mac IP clients


Windows clients


DLT 4000 tape drive (Fast SCSI)


AIT tape drive (Fast-Wide SCSI)




On the G3, Retrospect happily used the DLT tape drive with the Adaptec SCSI card. Yes, I have terminating wide to narrow adaptec scsi cables. The G3 was too slow for the AIT drive.




Recently I have a spare 2yr old G4 with MacOS 9.0x on it. I transfer everything to the G4 hoping for more throughput. Including the Adaptec 2940 SCSI card. Throughput is terrible for both DLT and AIT. Switch to the OEM Narrow SCSI card and throughput is better than G3 for DLT, but not for the wide AIT. Then I try a 1yr old G4 with MacOS 9.1. Same thing. I call adaptec and they tell me (incorrectly) the scsi card is out of warranty. I have yet to call back.




Is there a problem with Adaptec 2940UW cards and Mac G4?


Is there a problem with Adaptec 2940UW cards and Mac OS 9.x?


Is there a problem with Adaptec 2940UW cards and Retrospect?


Is there a problem with Adaptec 2940UW cards and tape drives?


Is there some other problem?




If I'm going to replace this with a new SCSI card for a 1yr old G4, which one


do I get? See my next post...

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The Adaptec 2940 is fully unsupported by Retrospect on OS X. This adapter was heavily tested and failed in every case. When Retrospect attempts to send data to a tape drive attached to the 2940 card, a kernel panic occurs immediately.




The problem is with the Adaptec78XXSCSI.kext kernel extension. Apple is looking into this issue right now. Hopefully a fix for this incompatibility will be released in an upcoming version of Mac OS X.




For a list of adapters that have gone through preliminary testing by Dantz, please see:







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I am having this problem as well. I found some information about upgrading the driver using the 2930 driver from Adaptec's site and did so, but the kernel panics comtinue. I'm using OS 10.2.3 Any suggestions? Here's the informaiton from system profiler:




| |

| Card Type : scsi-2 |

| Card Name : ADPT,2940U2B |

| Card Model : ADPT,1757800-00 |

| Vendor ID : 9005 |

| Device ID : 10 |

| ROM# : 1.1 |

| Revision : 1





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