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Unable to Reinstall Retrospect Express to Restore


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I was backing up today and the machine (Windows 2000 Pro SP 3) hung up. It would not restart (got a stop error), so I re-installed Win 2000. Now I can't get the Retrospect Express 1.0 to re-install to let me restore.


The Maxtor One Touch software loads OK but ends with a 1628 error. The Retrospect Express install fails with a 1603 as it tries to install the Microsoft.Net Framework.


I had previously installed the Retrospect/Maxtor One Touch software on this same drive, but re-installed as the new install of Win 2000 didn't see it. Is this a Win NT access problem?


Any ideas?


I have already gone the InstallShield route but the installer file I downloaded InstMsiW tells me it is already there when I try to install it.

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Hello JohnD1.


Error 1603 is not a retrospect error, but an installer error, as you have found.


The problem is some issue with you OS.


Did you also re-install SP 3?


The only other thing I can suggest is to do a search on micrsofts website for for this error 1603, which i have started for you. See the link below






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