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Can't exit from Retrospect in Windows XP Pro


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I have two completely different machines, both running Windows XP Professional with SP2, with Retrospect 7.0 Professional on one of the them and Retropsect 7.5 on the other... I have run into all sorts of problems with both of these machines when I try to quit Retrospect... As long as Retrospect launches itself to do a planned backup, all is good... But if I launch it to look at a log or change something and then quit the application, the hard drive immediately lights up and stays on solid forever and the machine in essence locks up. I attempt to force quit the application with the Task Manager and I keep getting the "this app is not responding, end now?" which I of course click but it never works... I have used Retropect without any such problems for years under Windows 2000 but these are my first two attempts to use it under Windows XP and I'm amazed that I've encountered this problem with two different installs on two different machines but I can't find any mention of such a problem in these forums, or maybe I am searching with the wrong keywords... Any thoughts as to what might be going on??? As another piece of the puzzle, I also often (but not always) get the message from the Task Manager that TWO versions of Retrospect are both running together, that neither is responding but that neither will quit either... Anyone else had a problem with Retrospect on Windows XP Pro??? Any help would be appreciated... thanks... bob..

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