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re: SureStore DAT24X6 or 40X6

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I have a SureStore DAT24X6. Since my last post, I've pretty well got it working. Next question (which I could *not* find at the HP web site). ON the autoloader, I'm geting the message: Write 1.0. I'm concerned that somehow my compression is being turned off. The HP docs suggest that it is some average of compression since the unit was last turned on after 1 MB has been written. The data I'm backing up is medical Dicom images, which are already compressed, so it's not suprising that the ratio is not 2.0, but I'm conerned that it's exactly 1.0, and say, not 1.1.


Am using Retro 6.5 with Windows 2K, btw.


Thanks iin advance for the help. I've found this forum more helpful than HP itself on some of these issues.

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