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Barcodes prefaced with CLN seem to default to Cleaning Tapes

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I use Retrospect Multi Server on Windows Server 2003 and with my Quantum SuperLoader I received a set of Barcode Labels with one sheet all starting with the letters CLN (like CLN123L1). Retro seems to think that the tape is a Cleaning Tape. If I right click on the tape while it is one of the slots I get the option to say that the tape is not a cleaning tape and the Slot updates with the name of the Backup Set stored on this tape. But the next time that I check, the name is gone and the Greyed out designation Cleaning Tape is applied.


So it seems that Retro expects that all tapes with the first three letters "CLN" in the Barcode will be cleaning tapes. Is there any way to suppress this behavior? If not, is there a potential downside to using these Barcode Labels for backups? I was going to use these labels for what will be duplicate offsite archives that will not have to be read very often>

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