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Backup DLT tape problems, any way to fix?

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Hello, I'm using Retrospect 4.3 on a Mac network (OS 8.6), backing up to a Quantum DLT2000xt drive. I have at least 3 storage sets which I can't write to anymore because the backup failed during execution, or I had to abort it and Retrospect wouldn't quit properly. Apparently this causes no end of file to be writen on the tape, rendering it useless for future backup. The media itself should be fine, these are relatively new tapes with only 2 or 3 passes on them, and the drive has low hours, and is cleaned regularly. Retrospect's verify function reports the data to be intact.




I am wondering whether there is a way to write a new position marker to the tape so it can continue to be used. There is too much data to restore it all to my hard drives and reinitialise the tapes.




Is there a way to find out what data is on a specific tape so I could try retrieving just that data and rewriting it?




Am I out of luck? I would assume most of these tapes only have 25% of their capacity used.




Thanks in advance.

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