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Backup of OS X Server, license

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I'm looking into backing up one Mac OS X Server plus 2 or 3 normal computers (Mac OS 9 and X) from another Mac OS X Server. The problem is that I seem to need Retrospect Server Backup, which is over the budget (it costs $799.00), and that only for 4 clients. This is what is said on some pages. On others, for example the page about 'Dantz Retrospect Desktop Backup for Macintosh®' (http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=rdb_mac), and the one with Express, it says:




Under the topic 'System Requirements':


"Backing up an AppleShare server or a Mac OS X Server requires Retrospect Workgroup or Server Backup for Macintosh."




Here it says the Workgroup version will work, and this is 'only' $499.00. On other pages it says I need the Server version. Which version do I need?




If I need the Server version, I don't need 100!!!? clients, why must I pay for it? Is there any way to get around this?




Is there any education-licenses (university) for Retrospect?







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I'm looking into backing up one Mac OS X Server...from another Mac OS X Server






To run Retrospect on a machine that has been booted into AppleShareIP or Mac OS X Server you need the Workgroup version. This will let you backup that server, plus a number of non-server clients.




To backup more then one server you need Retrospect Server. That's what you need to run on the server machine and then access other servers (and non-servers) over the network.




Most software's list price is higher then its street price. You might consider using the "Internet" to search for the best price of the version you need from a quality mail-order software vendor.





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