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Duplicate Mode unexpectedly does a full Copy every 20-30 times


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I'm running Retrospect Express version 6.0.222 (OEM Edition),

received with a Maxtor "OneTouch" 200 GB external hard drive,

on a Win XP SP2 laptop.


The behavior I'm trying to diagnose is that when you run the Retrospect

Express software in "duplicate" mode, the documentation says "A duplicate

image of the source volume is created on the destination volume. For

optimal speed, identical files already on the destination are not recopied

from the source." This is exactly the functionality I want, as at

firewire rates and 20 GB of hard drive occupied, the "new files only" mode

takes about 5 minutes to backup, as opposed to a true copy of the entire

drive, which would take 2-3 hours.


This works fine 98% of the time, but about every 20-30 executions, without

any predictability, I in fact get a complete 100% copy of the entire hard

drive, despite my having selected "duplicate", and then am trapped for 2



Is this a known bug which can be corrected with an update? If it's a

feature, can I turn it off?

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