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Nuances of staged backups?

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I've just set up staged backups (Backup to disk, then transfer to tape) and I feel I'm not quite fully understanding the usefullness of "Transfer Backup Set" vs "Transfer Snapshots".


I've read the docs and I understand the mechanical difference, in that "Transfer Snapshots lets you transfer synthetic full backups to tape without having the bring all of the unneeded extra older versions. So I understand why (and when) you'd use Transfer Snapshots rather than "Transfer Backup set".


However, "Transfer snapshots" also lets you transfer *all* snapshots from a Backup set. This seems to overlap with "Transfer backup set". Is there a reason why, if you wanted all of the snapshots in the set, you'd choose one over the other? The only real difference I can see is that you can transfer multiple backup sets at once in a "Transfer Backup sets" script, while you have to create multiple "transfer snapshots" scripts to do the same thing.


I ask because I originally set things up to do a backup set transfer, but the logging is very poor, while the snapshot transfer logging is very detailed, and I'm wondering if there's any reason not to switch...



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