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Can't read CD's or DVD's when Retrospect Express HD is running

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Today I purchased and installed a Maxtor OneTouch III with the Retrospect Express HD v1.1.126 software. Everything seemed to install correctly and I can access the Maxtor drive from Windows Explorer. However, I noticed a bizarre problem: when the Retrospect Express HD software is running, I'm unable to read any CDs or DVDs (I have a Plextor PX-716AL DVD drive). If I put a CD or DVD in the drive, Windows pops up the "Blank Disk" dialog even though the disk is not blank. When I navigate to the DVD drive using Windows Explorer, it shows the drive letter but no files or directories under it.


If I shut down the Retrospect Express, everything returns to normal and I can read the disk, navigate the directory structure using Windows Explorer, etc. Any idea on how to fix this? It is definitely Retrospect Express HD causing the problem. I looked around for a setting or something since I thought maybe it was trying to control my DVD drive for backup purposes but found nothing. I'm not sure I can use the software if it kills my DVD drive every time it's running. In that case, would it be possible to just manually copy files to the Maxtor drive using Windows Explorer or something similar (i.e, does the Maxtor drive require the Retrospect Express HD software to work properly)?

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