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Retrospect 7.5 and Quantum / Centrance CP3101

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I'm trying to get Retrospect 7.5 single server to work with a Quantum / Centrance CP3101 D2D2T unit. The hardware works with the supplied Tapeware program and with Windows backup. When I try to use Retrospect, the device status is almost always No Media or Empty. A couple of times Retrospect has displayed the library with many more slots than are configured, but then


Basically, it appears that Retrospect usually doesn't see the virtual tape library. When it does, it can't find any tapes.


I spent a couple of hours on the phone both with Quantum tech support and EMC. Switched between NT pass-through and ASPI connections. Tried with both the Centrance loader drivers and MS "Unknown Loader" drivers.


Please let me know if you've tried this combination, even if it didn't work.


Hardware / Software:


HP ProLiant ML350

OS Windows Server 2003 R2

Centrance CP3101-D-160-S desktop D2D2T unit.


Thanks in advance,


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