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How do I reclaim space and recreate a deleted catalog file using Express HD

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Hi All

I need to reclaim space on my Maxtor External drive using Express HD (latest version).

What do I need to do?

I want to delete a ton of old backups to create space (and then I think I need to recreate the catalog file) so my drive will see my reduced restore points.

How do I do this??





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Hello MarkJW


To delete old restore points, you click on restore, then clcik next, selectthe restore point you want to delete, then when have finished deleting the restore points you want, click cancel. HD should automatically start reclaiming disk space, if have the most recent HD update 1.1.127 which can be downloaded from the link below.






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I did that and when I reopened Retrospect HD all of the restore points I deleted were back again. I didnt know what else to do so I manually deleted from the hard drive and deleted the catalogue file on the hard drive

Express HD is now recreating it but it seems like an awkward solution

Any idea why the "deleted restore points" came back?

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