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Chain scripts

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I would like to be able to tell a script to run the next script after the script as finished rather than schedule it to follow on, chain them together.


At the moment you would have to make sure both scripts use the same execution unit so they didn't run at the same time. Maybe make a script group and they would follow on from one another.





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First of all, Retrospect does not support a Source Group or Folder for "duplicate" backup types (doc bug: documentation does not mention this fact about Folder backups). So it is a real need to be able to run several "duplicate" scripts, each for one volume, without having them overlap in time.


What I do to workaround the lack of scripts to run scripts, at least for my simple case of wanting to run several scripts in succession, is to schedule the scripts to each start at the next minute after the previous one. Since Retrospect Professional only allows one script to run at a time, it is smart enough to queue other scripts with overlapping times in the "Waiting" queue. So my scripts run in order, thanks to having them start one minute after each other.

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