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Basic (2 clients + 1 backup server) backup strategy advice?

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I'm finally (after 12 years...but let's not talk about that) setting up a backup solution for my small home/business network. It's a basic setup of 2 macs and 1 server (running the backup). Details are as follow:


- Mac Server running Retrospect and backing up to dedicated internal HD (I know this would be better if I were to do this to removeable media, but I'm just working with what I have).

- Mac #1 = the computer which contains the main files (photography & artwork + some basic administration files) to be backed up.

- Mac #2 = second Mac used for non-business related work, but still has some files to be backed up.


Basically, my question is, what backup "action type" should I be looking at using? The main folder I am going to be backing up contains a lot of files (about 5 years of photography) which don't change very often, but rather, new files get added to this folder after each shoot.


As well, what happens when I modify or delete files/folders within this main backup folder?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Dan Shoop, a bright but often condescending consultant who is very active on the macos-x-server list, posted a list of backup policy questions on his web site. You might start there to see some of the issues that you might need to address before you get to the "nuts and bolts" of implementing a backup strategy. See:

What Should a Good Backup Strategy Address?

Dan also has a strong bias against Retrospect, but his analysis on his Wiki is program-agnostic and is very good.

Hope this helps get you started.



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